ISPT-Industrial Services S.A. is a services provider company in the private sector with a share capital of Eur 201,521.00. The ISPT started his activity in 2014, resulting from the merger between Integridade and NTM, with the following statutory object:

  • Engineering services, construction and Industrial maintenance;
  • Engineering services and coordination of projects;
  • Provision of services and consultancy in the area of management of the maintenance Organization;
  • Training in the area of Industrial maintenance;
  • Construction and maintenance in the specialties of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, HVAC and Civil;
  • Marketing, installation, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment;
  • Reconstruction and Improvement of safety valves and switching valves;
  • Maintenance of Industrial instrumentation;
  • Quality control of maintenance actions and analysis of condition;
  • Installation and marketing of equipment condition analysis.

The merger between Integridade and NTM occurred in the second quarter of 2014 with a view to the possibility of growth of activity of two companies acting as one in the national and international market.

Prior to the merger:

  • The Integridade company started his activity in 1996, in the field of renovation and repair of safety valves and switching valves, having solid skills and distinctive in this area, resulting from the experience in process industries with high degree of requirement. In your wide range of customers include the major industrial enterprises nationwide. The progressive expansion of activity at the international level it was noted some years ago, where constant interventions in the markets in Angola and Algeria.
  • The NTM company began the activity in 1996, in the field of predictive maintenance of equipment including dynamic monitoring techniques for ultrasound and vibration, thermography, running repairs of equipment, control of quality in maintenance and training. Over the years was forming a corps of highly trained technicians that, in addition to the specific training, benefits from the experience gained over the years on the condition and quality control in dynamic, both in equipment maintenance as in the installation of new equipment.

Integridade and NTM have competence in Portuguese Industry recognition.

The ISPT has a team with experience and recognized competence in the field of industrial maintenance, both in static equipment as in dynamic equipment. In addition to the industrial side, the ISPT develops services in commercial buildings, hotels, banks, laboratories and hospitals. The model of development of new solutions, new activities and new business is concentrated in an area of engineering and Methods designated by Design & development.

Given its expertise and extensive experience in consulting, management, organization and implementation of maintenance, the ISPT aspires to be a reference in these areas. To this end, a gradual diversification of betting services can provide, offering integrated and comprehensive solutions, preferably to contribute decisively to a more rational and efficient management of the assets of its customers.

Get to know the Management Policy of ISPT – Industrial Services S.A.


Provide integrated maintenance solutions, singly or in technical partnerships, the client feel as an added value for your business.


Comprehensive intervention in the area of maintenance, organization and systems in static & dynamic equipment with an “active participation” in the customer value chain, placing it in the rational management of its infrastructure by delivering improvement solutions in place of the simple provision of services.


Competence and accuracy, integrity and independence, innovation and customer orientation.

HI2TRUST – 2nd generation high temperature component inspection platform




Areas of intervention/Customers

    • Power stations
    • Transport and distribution of energy
    • Petrochemical industry, chemical, paper and cement
    • Automotive industry, Aeronautics and marine
    • Steel mills
    • Mining industry


    • Repair, calibration and certification of safety valves
    • Repair and testing of Manual Switching valves
    • Repair, test and calibration of Automatic Valves
    • Repair of equipment
    • Maintenance of Industrial instrumentation: repair and calibration of instruments
    • Repair, calibration and adjustment of elastic pipe holders subject to thermal expansions


  • Periodic monitoring of working condition
  • Diagnosis of Malfunctions
  • Technical audits in Dynamic Equipment
  • Balancing on site
  • Training in the areas of impaired and Maintenance of Measurement and analysis of Vibration
  • Thermography
  • Ultrasound
  • Lubrication
  • Telemaintenance
  • Predictive maintenance systems audit
  • Quality control of maintenance
  • Implementation of Dynamic equipment maintenance
  • Shaft alignment
  • Training in the areas of Alignment and Assembly Procedures of Dynamic Equipment


Areas of intervention/Customers

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial laboratories, health and food security
  • Shopping centers and shops
  • Hospital units and clinics
  • Parking car parks
  • Great works of Art


Maintenance, diagnosis and advice to special buildings and installations:

  • Analysis, control, calibration and repair of HVAC systems, electricity, mechanics, civil, instrumentation and automation;


  • Processing stations;
  • UPS;
  • General low voltage boards;
  • Distribution networks;
  • Data and telecommunications networks;
  • CCTV;
  • Groups of electromagnets.

Instrumentation and automation

  • IGTC and home automation.



  • Thermal power plants of production of hot and cold water;
  • Ventilation and smoke-clearing;
  • Aerolics and hydraulic networks;
  • Chillers and boilers;
  • Direct and indirect expansion systems.


  • Water networks;
  • Pumping and hydropressors;
  • Air networks.


  • Concrete and metal structures;
  • Insulation;
  • Massive.



  • Projects Funded
  • Development projects
  • Engineering projects




Main Equipment


ISPT has four workshops available in: Estarreja, Oeiras, Sines and Castro Verde, from which it supports its clients in the North, Center and South of the country

In the case of occasional interventions, such as in the case of sudden stops, ISPT places fully equipped workshop containers in its customers’ premises

ISPT offers services in the areas of its specialty, namely means of movement and access (scaffolding, cranes and platforms) and disassembly and assembly of insulation





Taguspark – Oeiras
Av. Dr. Mário Soares, nº 35
2740-119 PORTO SALVO

Tel.: +351 214 268 088




Parque Empresarial da Quimiparque
Edifício 519, Pavilhão 5 e 6
3860-680 ESTARREJA

Tel.: +351 962 034 637

Zona Industrial II,
Apartado 265, 7520-903 Sines

Tel.: +351 961 101 277